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27 Feb 2013
100 CLUB


The TRFC '100' Club is available to club members, friends and businesses.

Buy a box and hold this section of the web site for 10 months at a minimum.

Put your picture, business logo, name, telephone number or anything else in your box. 

The TRFC '100' club has 10 draws (1 per month over a 10 month period) with the minor prizes being 4 entries to  the next TRFC '100' club or alternatively a small cash prize.

Sell ten TRFC '100' club boxes on behalf of Tavistock Rugby Club and earn yourself 1 free entry.

Large cash prize for the final draw.

The games start as soon as all boxes have been purchased. Help sell those boxes to get your game underway.

Click Here to buy a box in any game or contact Jim Tomkins direct.

Click red boxes below to view current members and rules.

Win and stay in.

The TRFC '100' Club
Buy a (small) box for £10
Odds (out of 100) :

8 chances to win 3 entries into future TRFC '100' Club.
       (or a cash prize of £25)

1 chance to win 6 entries into future TRFC '100' Club.
       (or a cash prize of £50)

1 chance to win £250

TRFC '100' Club

100 CLUB